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Monday, October 26, 2009

New Windows and Doors Piece

Just finished the newest piece in my Windows and Doors series. I call it "Out There". It's 11" x 14" . I've been basing this series on what I call vignettes, created from hand painted fabrics I made in a class with Jerry Chase.

This is another piece in the series, "Tahoe Trio". It's 12" x 12":

This is the first piece in the series, "Inside". I wish I had a better picture of this, but it's the only one I have and the piece has been sold.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Resist

I've done more bleached resist fabric - here is some of it. The spirals in the top piece were done with Soft Scrub, the spirals under it are made with blue gel glue then bleached; the black ovals were also done with glue and bleach, and the bottom piece is glue resist, flour paste, bleach and foil. Great fun!

Beautiful Days

This is such a beautiful time of year here in Colorado. I need go no farther than my front yard for wonderful inspiration. It's hard to be inside my studio when it is so nice outside, but I feel the pull of needing/wanting to do some things in here. A confluence of time, opportunity, inspiration and motivation are rare, so I must pay attention.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Aspen Trees

We drove over Kebler Pass yesterday to Crested Butte. It is always a beautiful drive, but we seemed to have missed the peak of the color. A lot of the trees were bare. Still, I love the trees; their stunning white trunks are so beautiful. It's interesting that, in spite of the fact that many of the trees were bare, the grove in the bottom picture had barely turned.