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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finished Rayna's Challenge

I finished the challenge Rayna gave us in her class. She gave us all a piece of the same fabric she had done but didn't like and we all had to make something using it. She's going to post them on her blog so I'm not going to put the picture up here until she posts. It was a fun challenge, and the fabric really wasn't ugly!

Foiling Demo

I did a quick demo for the AQuA meeting last Saturday. I don't use foil very often, but it can add a nice touch in just the right spot. One of the hardest things was to remember which foiling glue I like best. The winner is definitely Jones Tones. I also like the effect you get when you adhere the foil using Misty Fuse. (Photo by Kathy Pfeufer)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Class Aftermath

Back from Rayna's class and so excited about all of the potential new pieces I have in mind as a result. Not excited about putting my studio back together. It's small and crowded to begin with, but worse now with everything pulled out for class.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Fun With Rayna

Here's an exercise from Sandra

Exercises I'm working on.

My favorite so far.

Rayna and Beverly conferring.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rayna's Class

I've been having a great two days taking a class with Rayna Gillman. The first day we did deconstructed screen printing and today we did thermofax printing. Tomorrow we start two days of Jump Starting the Art Quilt. She is a fun teacher - very creative. Here is Rayna pondering whether or not Susan'a fabric can be saved.

Here is proof that lots of good things are happening here.

Some of what I have been working on.
Of course I had to be a show off and trip. I dislocated my little finger - put it back in place - and scared the heck out of everyone when they found me laying on the back porch. I was ok - just taking inventory of various body parts. I went back inside and finished up what I was working on then went to the doctor for x-rays - no breaks and he was disappointed I had deprived him of the fun of putting it back in place.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rayna's Class, Finally

I am so excited to be taking two, two day classes from Rayna Gillman next week. She is going to be teaching at my friend Jane's new Fabric Arts Studio in Grand Junction, CO. I'm having a great time collecting all kinds of interesting items to use to create marks on fabric. The first two days will be "Original Cloth - Original Quilts" and the last two days will be "Jump Starting the Art Quilt".

Book Recommendation

I'm really enjoying this new book by Angie Hughes. It has inspired my current "Planets" series. Her technique of saturating fabric with a PVA glue solution, layering various textured materials and threads with more glue, then covering all of that with gesso to create a beginning canvas is so much fun. After the gesso you add paint, images, papers, beads, whatever you want to create your finished piece. If you look at the closeup of my Planet I, below, you can see the underlying texture.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Work, Finally

After months of not being able to finish anything, I've done something I really like. It is called "Planet I: Floaters" and is first in a series I've started. Planet I is going to be in the non-juried SAQA exhibit called "Layered Textures" at the Denver Mancuso Show next month.