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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bev Hart's Dye Workshop

I had great fun last weekend at a dye workshop put on by a great teacher, Bev Hart. She is based in Utah, but is a member of our art quilt group, and this is the second workshop she has done for us. She kept us so busy I forgot to take pictures, but she has a couple on her blog here

The workshop was held at Fabric Arts Studio, a terrific space! Their website can be found here

Here are pictures of some to the fabric I did.

Two-color dye run.

Dye Run Detail

Dye Run Detail

My first attempt at Shibori

Shibori Detail

Shibori on a rope - this is fun! I'd like to overdye it now


Drip Dyed - not colors I usually use, but kind of fun.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quiltart at 15

"Binary Bee"

"Binary Bee" Detail

The online exhibit celebrating 15 years of Quiltart is posted! See all of the wonderful pieces at:


All of the pieces are 15" x 15". Here is what I had to say about mine:


Materials: Hand-dyed silk and cheesecloth, commercial batik, computer parts, beads.
Techniques: Screen printed, stamped, fused, hand embellished, machine quilted.


Just as contemporary quilters have adopted new materials and techniques to make art quilts, we have also adopted new technologies for meeting, socializing and sharing ideas. QuiltArt has given us a virtual meeting place - a modern quilting bee. Binary bits and bytes fly through the Ethernet carrying pleas for help, inspired ideas, celebratory happy dances and consoling reassurances. I find it wonderful that an art form with such traditional roots thrives in such a high-tech world.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sketchbook Project

I've recently signed up for something that sounds fun: The Sketchbook Project through the Art House Co-op. I've chosen the theme "This is Not a Sketchbook" and should be receiving my black Moleskine notebook soon. This is a very interesting project and I encourage you to follow this link to check it out: