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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flour Paste Resist

I've been playing with flour paste resist and bleach and I'm loving the results! I learned this in Jane Dunnewold's workshop and it is really fun. I've used both Kona cotton and P & B cotton and the color results are great. One trick I learned with the flour paste is to refrigerate the mixture before you use it. It is much easier to work with - a very nice consistency.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Beautiful Sky

What a beautiful sky we had last night! The rainbow was to the east and the orange sky to the west.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Playing With Bleach

I have some handpainted fabric that I did a while ago that I've been using to create a series called "Doors and Windows". I've laid some pieces of it out in what I've been calling vignettes. One of them is on the black background in the first picture on top. I've been thinking about what to put with it and here is a recent result. I started with deconstructed screen printed fabric I did in Rayna Gilman's workshop. I then sprayed it lightly with bleach and washed it out immediately. The dye discharged back to a light aqua. I think it has some potential.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Pictures from Workshop

A detail shot of the one I already posted.

Here is some more fabric I worked on. All of these started as plain white. The top piece is cotton velveteen that was manipulated, dyed and overdyed; the next is cotton that was coated with flour paste, sprayed with black paint, then stamped and foiled; the next is rayon that was manipulated, dyed, overdyed and stamped; the last was dyed, stamped with glue, screened with paint through a flour paste screen then stenciled.

Complex Cloth Workshop

The view to the south from the ranch.

One piece I started there that I really like.

One of our lecture/critique/sharing sessions.

Our studio area.

Got back yesterday from a five day workshop with Jane Dunnewold. It was fantastic. It was sponsored by the Weehawken Art Center and held just outside of Ridgway, Colorado at Piecemaker's Ranch - a beautiful location. We stayed and worked at the ranch. It was like going to summer camp! We were so busy the entire time working on several different processes for surface design and layering those processes. We cut stamps, made stencils, made screens, used bleach, flour paste, glue, dye, paint - whew!