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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rayna's Class

I've been having a great two days taking a class with Rayna Gillman. The first day we did deconstructed screen printing and today we did thermofax printing. Tomorrow we start two days of Jump Starting the Art Quilt. She is a fun teacher - very creative. Here is Rayna pondering whether or not Susan'a fabric can be saved.

Here is proof that lots of good things are happening here.

Some of what I have been working on.
Of course I had to be a show off and trip. I dislocated my little finger - put it back in place - and scared the heck out of everyone when they found me laying on the back porch. I was ok - just taking inventory of various body parts. I went back inside and finished up what I was working on then went to the doctor for x-rays - no breaks and he was disappointed I had deprived him of the fun of putting it back in place.


Sandra said...

Wow, looks like you are having a productive and fun time except for beating yourself up. Try to stay in one piece. Say hello to my AQuA friends and my friend Bev from Utah who's in the class.
Take care.
Sandra from Moab

Roberta Ranney said...

HI Carole - You are obviously having a blast in Rayna's classes. I had the pleasure of taking a two-day workshop a couple of weeks ago with her and enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Nanc said...


Don't be hurting yourself now! That looks like a great class.....wish the timing would have worked out better for me! Have fun!

Judy Alexander said...

I am so jealous, this looks like so much fun! I do have Rayna's book and love it.