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Friday, August 1, 2008

What to Do When You Can't Do Much of Anything

This is definitely one summer I will be glad to have behind me. My 91 year old mom fell in early June and fractured her pelvis in two places and her sacrum. Thank goodness she is now out of the rehab center and back home and doin pretty well. Now, my husband has become involuntarily unemployed, and my business is slow - people don't spend money they don't need to when gas and food are so expensive.

Creativity has been hard to come by. I have found one helpful outlet to at least be doing something. I got a small Japanese journal - all the pages are attached and they accordian fold out. They are made by Moleskine, and the paper is very good quality. I'm using my favorite color scheme and a variety of techniques and materials I've been wanting to explore. The images above show two sets of pages that I especially like.
The advantage of working this way for me is that the scale is small, so I can work in small chunks of time and still complete something; since I'm just "experimenting" there is less pressure to be perfect; and what I am doing can form the basis for future fiber projects.
So...I'm hangin' in there and taking joy where I can find it. Times will get better, and we have a lot more than many.


Rayna said...

What a good idea! These pages are lovely.

Rayna said...

Good idea, Carole! These two pages are beautiful -- I love the combination of colors. we do what we can do, don't we?